A Piece of Heaven


This project left an indelible mark on us, leaving us with a mix of joy and sorrow.  Many years ago a client was referred to us and she left our showroom super excited to start her dream of a complete home remodel project with us, and while walking out of the showroom she said she was ready to start but had to get some medical test done before starting and that it was probably nothing to worry about.  It turned out to be cancer and she let us know as soon as she licked it she would start.  Years later she came back and said she was ready to go and that she was cancer free.  Before we started they learned that the cancer was back but she said she wanted to complete her dream of remodeling her home and she wanted to see her son graduate from a prestigious college.  We are so happy that she was able to do both and enjoy her dream home for two years before passing.  We will miss her, she was a light bulb of positive energy and we are so blessed to have known her. 

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