Custom Kitchen for Historical Home


It takes a good mix of design, beautiful cabinets and great installers to bring a showcase kitchen to life.  This kitchen is a great example of when you get this mix just right.  This historical home on South Greenway near the Biltmore Hotel had a tiny kitchen and the homeowner wanted to open it up and create a kitchen that would serve as the heart of their home.  A load bearing wall left an unsightly support column and the architect planned to hide this column with a set of decorative fillers.  This did not work with the clean lines the homeowner hoped to achieve and left some dead space as well.  Eleet developed a design utilizing the flexibility of paneling integrated fridges where the panel was extended left 6 inches past the edge of the freezer, leaving the column hidden entirely.  With Eleet Fine American Cabinetry, you get much more than just great cabinetry, you get a partner with the creativity and passion to ensure you have the best possible kitchen for your space.

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